Active Enrolled Devices

Android MDM Solution

Manage Fleet of Android Devices with Tracci

Provision Android devices with a set of configurations and policies that help IT teams to effortlessly manage and securely put the device in use right out of the box.

  • Zero-touch Enrollment
  • Deploy Apps Remotely
  • Enforce Kiosk Mode
  • Realtime Monitoring
  • Implement Geofencing
  • Segregate Data (BYOD)

Affordable Android MDM Solution

Customize, Manage, and Secure Android Devices

Our Android MDM Solution caters every industry with affordable pricing and 21-days trial period.

Leverage Android Mobile Device Management with Tracci

Right from your laptop!

Choose Enrollment Process

Enroll a fleet of Android devices with options like QR code, NFC based, and IMEI based-enrollment.

Deploy Configurations

Have all the configurations over the air, ensure the device performs as you intend to!

Containerized Device Preview

Get the approved applications in dedicated mode (kiosk mode), empowers IT admin to set strong passwords to exit kiosk mode.

Manage Content

Remotely distribute applications, files, restrict device users from accessing unapproved content.

Restrict Default Settings

Restrict device users from uninstalling approved apps, access to blacklisted websites, device settings app, and from factory resetting the device.

Real-time Device Management

Monitor devices in real-time, know its location, check battery status and be notified when low, configure geofencing to restrict devices to be used at a defined location.

Streamline Your

Android Devices Effortlessly

Do it all from a web-based solution, admins can bulk enroll devices, save their manual efforts, and have an ease of mind in bridging mobility at the workplace.

Enhanced Productivity

Eliminate Downitime

Set up your account in less than 5 minutes, deploy the configuration over any number of devices with one of our enrollment feature.

Only the admin who configures device policies can enforce factory resetting the device, and the best part is, it can be done remotely.

Access Google Play from your dedicated account, select applications and deploy them over device profiles. If you've got an application to test, you can upload APK as well!

We provide custom pricing plan for customers who need to manage 1000+ devices. Additionally a discounted rate for NGOs and Educational institutes.