Android Kiosk Mode Solution

Simplify your IT Ops, streamline Android devices for dedicated purposes with Tracci. Configure devices right from your laptop, deploy settings over the air.

Web Based Kiosk Solution for Android

Configure Devices in Kiosk Mode Effortlessly

Bulk Enroll Devices

Choose any type of enrollment process that simplifies your device onboarding process.

Deploy Device Profiles

Tracci ensures all configurations are applied while onboarding the device.

Leverage Remote Monitoring

Monitor and manage all devices from your laptop. Gain real-time access from Tracci.

Ensure Ease of Mind

Get reports and alerts instantly from our simplified device management solution.

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Enforce Android Kiosk Mode

Utilize Android Tablets and Smartphones for Dedicated Purposes

Eliminate distractions, reduce manual tasks, secure and manage devices in dedicated mode, that means, Android tablets and smartphones are equipped with applications and settings that you approve!

Enroll and Monitor Remotely

Enforce Android Kiosk Mode from Web

Set up your account and monitor the fleet of devices in real-time. Tracci empowers IT teams to do it all in just minutes!

Key Features In

Implementing Android Kiosk Mode with Tracci


Streamline the enrollment process for Android tablets and smartphones. Automate device provisioning with configured policies.

Zero-touch Enrollment


Ensure secure browsing experience with Tracci, device users can access only approved websites that's set by the admin.

Whitelist Websites


Select and deploy essential applications over the air, restrict users from uninstalling apps.

Application Management


Restrict device users from accessing device settings, with Tracci IT admins can ensure complete control of devices.

Restrict Factory Reset


Leverage branding with Tracci, upload your logo, wallpaper with an option to set personalized messaging for device users.

Leverage Branding


Create virtual fence on a single or group of devices, set alerts and get notified when the device is in/out of certain location.

Geo Fencing

Tracci Empowers

IT Teams to Make the Most of It's Kiosk Mode Feature

Enterprises and educational institutes have encountered drastic improvement in productivity and positive returns on investments.

Enhanced Productivity

Eliminate Downitime

Android Kiosk Mode offers enhanced security by limiting device access to designated applications, ensuring focused use cases, improved productivity, and preventing misuse or unauthorized access.

Our solution provides comprehensive features beyond the native Android lockdown options, including remote management, customizable branding, real-time monitoring, configuring geofencing and get alerts instantly, robust security protocols tailored to your specific business needs.

Absolutely, our solution enables you to customize the user interface with your branding elements, such as logos, wallpapers, and layouts, ensuring a seamless and consistent user experience across all devices.

Yes, our solution offers granular control over web access, allowing you to block or whitelist specific websites or content categories, ensuring compliance and preventing unauthorized browsing.

Yes, our solution is compatible with a wide range of Android devices and versions, ensuring flexibility and scalability for your deployment needs, whether it's smartphones, tablets, or specialized devices.

Yes, admins can enforce Android tablet in kiosk mode, know its real-time location, status and deploy configurations remotely.