Tracci Endpoint Management

Leverage Our Android MDM Solution Remotely

Tracci empowers admin to manage, secure, and configure policies on enrolled devices with minimal efforts, configure for once and monitor devices with a glimpse.

Mobile Application Management

Select, approve and deploy applications over the air. Remotely publish app updates, restrict device users from installing and uninstalling apps.

app management
dedicated app mode

Dedicated Mode

Enable kiosk mode, restrict device users from exiting kiosk mode and access to only approved device environment.

Bulk Enroll Devices

Bulk enroll devices in no time with QR code, NFC, IMEI based enrollment program.

device security

Device Security

Restrict users from installing or accessing unapproved applications or websites, disable factory resetting the device, remotely wipe data when in need.

Over-the-Air Policy Deployment

Configure polices, tweak peripheral settings, restrict sharing data or taking screenshots, optimize device connectivity settings right from our unified dashboard.

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    Active Enrolled Devices

Manage Android Devices

Manage Android 5.0 and above devices.

Enable Dedicate Mode

Transform devices into kiosk, in a simple click!

Single App Mode

Select and provide access to single app.

Browser Lockdown

Customize and secure browsing experience.

Ensure Security

Determined device security 24/7.

Utilize Android Device As You Want

Manage Android Devices for What You Need

Streamline Company-Owned Devices

Have all the essential applications ready while onboarding, ensure devices are utilized for dedicated purposes.

Configure Peripheral Settings

Admin can easily set restrictions on using camera, WiFi, mobile data, hotspot, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, etc.

Whitelist/Blacklist Websites

Allow access to websites that are approved by the admin, secure your devices from harmful websites and unknown web threats.

Control External Buttons

Admin can completely disable the functionality of volume buttons, power button and home button in kiosk mode.

Disable Factory Reset

Ensure your devices perform exactly as you’ve defined from our solution, even after restarting the device, enhance security by disabling factory resetting option.

Collaborate Efficiently

Share content, communicate in real-time, know the status of the devices as and admin. Improve productivity with Tracci.

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Effortless and Minimalistic Approach

Implement Our Android MDM Solution with Ease

Designed and engineered to meet the device management requirements with minimal efforts, administrators can easily implement Tracci with self-exploration of its features!

Start with Free Trial

Configure and Manage Fleet of Android Devices

Prevail 21-days free trial, test our features, streamline devices and utilize them for better productivity.

Embrace our Android MDM Solution

Do it All From Your Laptop!

All you need to do is, login to a web-based solution, deploy configurations, secure and manage devices with ease of mind.

Enhanced Productivity

Eliminate Downtime

Yes, our solution supports BYOD policies, allowing businesses to manage both company-owned and employee-owned devices while preserving user privacy.

We provide comprehensive technical support services to assist with setup, troubleshooting, and ongoing maintenance of our Android MDM solution.

Our solution employs robust security measures such as device encryption, remote lock and wipe, secure app distribution, VPN support, and compliance enforcement to safeguard company data.

Tracci is designed for easy deployment, with simple setup procedures and intuitive management interfaces.

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