MDM Solution for Modern Enterprises

Enhance IT Operations with Effortless Mobile Device Management Solution

Centralized Device Management

Effortlessly manage all your mobile devices from a centralized dashboard. Gain complete visibility and control over your device fleet, simplifying administration tasks.

Robust Security Enhancements

Implement enterprise-grade security measures to safeguard sensitive data and protect against potential threats. Tracci offers encryption, secure remote access, and real-time threat detection to ensure maximum protection.

Application Management

Remotely approve applications from managed Google Play Store, configure app versions, set app update window, upload custom APK; publish, configure, delete applications remotely.

Enforce Dedicated Mode

Enable kiosk mode, or run the device in single app mode. Ensure the device is utilized for specific purposes, limit access to approved policies.

Leverage Branding

Change logo, wallpaper, add user facing/lock screen messages, embed custom branding with Tracci MDM.

Enable Restrictions

Restrict device users from accessing unapproved apps, websites, system settings, WiFi, Bluetooth, taking screenshots, or factory resetting devices. Disable/enable navigation, volume, and power buttons.

Affordable Mobile Device Management Software

Easy to Use MDM Solution, Makes IT Tasks Simple!

Try Tracci MDM for 21-days, create blueprints, publish policies, streamline devices in a few simple steps.

Remotely Manage Fleet of Android Devices Right from Your Laptop

Choose device enrollment method, deploy security policies, reduce manual tasks, track and have a birds-eye on all the devices.

Device Onboarding

Enroll devices in bulk, no need to spend manual tasks when you can enroll thousands of devices in minutes with our automated device provisioning method.

Kiosk Mode

Enable access to only selected applications, useful when devices are used for dedicated purposes.


Set a virtual fence on a device or group of devices, get alert when a device enters or exits from a location.

Whitelist Websites

Allow access to only selected websites, ensure secure browsing experience with Tracci MDM.

Broadcast Message

Send custom messages to all devices at once, ensure the message is read before they perform other tasks on the device.

Factory Reset Protection

Ensure devices are secure and protected, restrict device users from factory resetting the device. Administrators can even remotely wipe devices.

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Web-Based MDM Solution

Remotely Manage Fleet of Android Devices Right from Your Laptop

Choose device enrollment method, deploy security policies, reduce manual tasks, track and have a birds-eye on all the devices.

Automate Bulk Enrollment with Tracci MDM Solution

Choose any type of enrollment procedure that’s suitable for your enterprise, automatically push all the applications and configurations.

qr code


Enroll devices via qr-code, scan the code and enroll devices automatically.



Simply tap the devices and have the MDM configurations shared.



Upload the list of device details, have all your devices enrolled.

zero touch

Zero-touch Enrollment

Get all your configurations right after you switch on the devices.

Simplify IT Ops

With Tracci Mobile Device Management Solution

Managing mobile devices efficiently is crucial for industries of all sizes, with Tracci MDM solution, alleviate the complexities associated with device management, enabling IT teams to focus on what matters the most - growing your business.

Enhanced Productivity

Eliminate Downtime

Yes, Tracci MDM solution completely supports BYOD. Employees can use personal or company-owned personally enabled devices, our solution ensures that corporate data remains secure by implementing containerization, separation of personal and corporate data, and selective data wipe capabilities.

Tracci helps businesses meet compliance and regulatory requirements by enforcing security policies, encrypting sensitive data, and providing audit trails and reporting capabilities. Whether it's GDPR, HIPAA, or industry-specific regulations, our solution ensures that organizations remain compliant while leveraging mobile technologies.

Yes, our mobile device management solution offers robust security measures for lost or stolen devices. Administrators can remotely lock or wipe devices to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data. Additionally, Tracci includes geolocation tracking functionality, allowing organizations to locate lost or stolen devices quickly.

Our pricing model varies based on factors such as the number of devices, features required, and the scale of deployment. We offer flexible pricing options, including per-device subscriptions, tiered pricing plans, and customized pricing tailored to the specific needs of each business. Get in touch with our sales team to discuss pricing options and find a solution that fits your budget.

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