Device Management Solution for Education

Empower Your Educational Institution with Seamless MDM Solution

Tracci is built by understanding the unique challenges that educational institutions face in managing mobile devices effectively. Our tailor-made MDM solution streamlines the specific needs of educators, administrators, and students.

mobile device management solution for education

Why Choose Tracci for Mobile Device Management

Exceptionally meets the requirements to manage devices for educational institutes.

Bulk Device Enrollment

Enroll any number of devices in minutes, select a mode of enrollment that’s simple for you.

Tailored Solutions

Tracci is designed with educators in mind, administrators can strictly enable devices for dedicated purposes with custom configurations.

Application Management

Select and deploy applications over the air, silently push, update or delete applications.

Enforce Dedicated Mode

Configure devices in single or multi app mode, restrict access to google play, device settings, or exiting dedicated mode.

Secure Devices

Restrict device users from sharing data, accessing USB, bluetooth, enabling hotspot, capturing screenshots.

App/OS Updates

Keep the device and applications up to date, set a timeframe to push updates.

Explore Tracci MDM for Educational Purposes

Implement 150+ features from our web-based console, ensure effortless onboarding, management, security, and real-time device tracking.

Mobile Device Management Solution for Education

Features That You Need in an MDM Solution, We’ve Got It All Covered for You!

Multi App Mode

Lock devices with selected applications by the admin.

Single App Mode

Select an app and restrict access to any other app.


Set geofencing, get alerts if any device is in/out from a specified location.

Change Logo and Wallpaper

Customize devices, resonate your brand with our device management solution.

Whitelist Applications and Websites

Enable access to select applications and whitelisted websites.

Content Management

Share essential files instantly and securely, get all your content organized effortlessly.

Streamline Devices for Education

How to Setup Android Single App Mode


Onboard Devices


Create Policies


Deploy Configurations


Ensure Ease of Mind


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Mobility in Education

Frequently Asked Questions

Educational institutions increasingly rely on mobile devices to enhance learning experiences, facilitate communication, and streamline administrative tasks. However, managing these devices can pose significant challenges in terms of security, compliance, and resource allocation. Tracci addresses these challenges by centralizing control over device deployment, configuration, and security policies. By implementing Tracci, schools and universities can ensure the integrity of their digital infrastructure, protect sensitive data, enforce acceptable use policies, and optimize device usage for educational purposes.

Tracci empowers administrators and educators with granular control over device configurations, security settings, and usage policies. Remotely provision devices, deploy software updates, enforce security policies, and monitor device activity through centralized management consoles. With Tracci, administrators and educators can maintain a safe, secure, and productive learning environment while maximizing the educational potential of mobile technology.

The cost of implementing MDM solution for education can vary depending on several factors, including the size of your institution, the number of devices being managed, the features and functionality of the MDM solution, and the deployment model (on-premises vs. cloud-based). We offer flexible pricing models, such as per-device licensing, subscription-based pricing, or volume discounts, to accommodate the budgetary constraints of educational institutions. Additionally, it's important to consider the long-term return on investment (ROI) on implementing Tracci, including cost savings from improved efficiency, reduced IT support overhead, and enhanced security and compliance measures.