Manage Rugged Devices Seamlessly

Rugged Device Management Solution

Simplify device onboarding, implement policies as devices are enrolled, enforce rugged devices to be utilized for dedicated purposes.

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MDM for Rugged Devices

How to Setup Rugged Devices with Tracci


Onboard Devices


Choose the App


Deploy Configurations


Ensure Ease of Mind

Why Embrace Rugged Device Management Solution?

Meet seamless device management features with Tracci, designed to conquer the toughest challenges of your industry.

Unrivaled Efficiency

Harness the power of streamlined operations. Effortlessly oversee your rugged devices and optimize workflows like never before.

Real-Time Tracking

Gain a competitive edge with instant insights. Monitor device health, set geofence, get alerts on suspicious incidents.

Fortified Security

Shield your data from threats with our robust security arsenal. From encryption to remote wipes, disabling USB/Bluetooth connectivity, safeguard against unauthorized access and compliance risks.

Tailored to You

Your business is unique – and so are our solutions. Implement branding, change logo and wallpaper, customize devices according to your needs.

Future-Ready Scalability

Scale with confidence. Whether you're managing a handful of devices or an extensive fleet, our solutions adapt to your evolving needs, providing the flexibility to grow without limits.

Restrict Access

Provide access to applications, websites, and settings that you approve from Tracci’s console.

Streamline Fleet of Rugged Devices

Affordable MDM Solution for Your Rugged Devices

Our pricing plans are flexible and unique to what other solutions provide, we opt in providing exactly what our customers need!

Simplify Rugged Device Management

Leverage Tracci MDM to Streamline Rugged Devices for Dedicated Purposes

Bulk Enroll Devices

Streamline device enrollment by ensuring deployment of uniform policies on all or selected devices.

Application Management

Select, configure, and approve applications, manage a custom container or enforce access to only whitelisted apps.

Single App Mode

Run only selected application all the time, restrict device users from accessing any other application or window.

Multi App Mode

Enforce dedicated mode, configures your devices to provide access to applications that admin approves.


Change logo and wallpaper in dedicated mode, resonate branding while managing and securing devices with Tracci.

Website Whitelisting

Enable access to only set of websites that you approve, enable secure browsing experience without relying on any other applications.

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Rugged Device Management Simplified

Experience Excellence, Crafted by Experts

Backed by a legacy of excellence and fueled by innovation, our team stands ready to elevate your rugged device management experience to unprecedented heights.

Improve Productivity

Eliminate Downtime

Tracci MDM offers a comprehensive suite of features including remote device monitoring, real-time alerts and notifications, over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates, configuration management, asset tracking, geofencing, and robust security protocols. These features empower businesses to efficiently manage their rugged device fleets, streamline operations, and improve overall productivity.

All the rugged devices that run on Android can be easily streamlined and managed with Tracci, be it rugged tablets, smartphones, handheld devices, scanners, or mounted devices.

The application that you choose to run in single app mode, runs always on the device, even after the device is switched on. Administrators can enforce various other restrictions to secure devices in single app mode with Tracci device management solution.

Our rugged device management solution is highly scalable and can accommodate deployments ranging from small-scale implementations to enterprise-level deployments encompassing thousands of devices. Whether you have a few rugged devices or a large fleet distributed across multiple locations, our solution can scale to meet your evolving needs without compromising performance or reliability.


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