MDM Solution for Logistics

Customize, Secure, and Manage Devices Remotely

Manage a variety of Android devices from a single location, restrict devices like tablets and smartphones in dedicated mode. Ensure all enrolled devices perform the way admins configure from Tracci!

  • Reduce Downtime

    by 100%

  • Improve Productivity

    by 88%

How Tracci Works

Streamline Devices with Our Android MDM Solution


Bulk Enroll Devices


Publish Policies


Remotely Monitor Devices


Ensure Ease of Mind

Mobile Device Management Solution for Logistics

Streamline device management operations remotely, effortless tool to ease your IT Ops.

Seamless Enrollment

Enroll devices in minutes, have all your devices configured effortlessly.

Application Management

Simplify app distribution, updates, and removals across all devices.

Enforce Dedicated App Mode

Get the approved applications in kiosk mode (dedicated app mode), exiting kiosk mode requires password set by the admin.

Disable Factory Reset

Restrict device users from accessing settings app, uninstalling approved apps and resetting the device.

Ensure Connectivity

Monitor devices in real-time, set geofencing, share content and communicate instantly.

User-Friendly Interface

Intuitive dashboard and easy-to-use controls, ensuring minimal training time for your staff.


What people say

Simplified Retail Device Management

Do More While you Manage the Devices with Tracci

Empower your logistics operations with Tracci, define policies that suit your mobility environment, ensure security, and peace of mind!

Enhance Productivity

Eliminate Downtime

Tracci prioritizes security through features such as robust encryption, authentication protocols, and remote wiping capabilities. This ensures that sensitive logistics data is protected, unauthorized access is mitigated, and compliance with regulatory requirements is maintained.

We offer 24/7 customer support to address any queries or issues. Additionally, comprehensive training resources are provided to assist logistics teams in quickly adapting to and maximizing the benefits of our MDM solution.

Tracci optimizes resource allocation, reduces manual intervention, and minimizes downtime. These factors collectively contribute to significant cost savings in operational and maintenance expenses for logistics companies.

Tracci stands out through its combination of centralized device management, robust security protocols, real-time tracking, and user-friendly features. We prioritize flexibility, scalability, and continuous innovation to provide logistics companies with a comprehensive and efficient MDM solution.