Customize Android Devices

Enable Android in Single App Mode

Approve access to only selected application, customize your device fleet, add security by deploying 150+ configurations over the air.

Enforce Dedicated Mode

How to Setup Android Single App Mode


Onboard Devices


Choose the App


Deploy Configurations


Ensure Ease of Mind

Do More with Tracci MDM

Embrace Android devices with the right set of policies, utilize devices for dedicated purposes.

Configure Peripheral Settings

Limit the use of bluetooth, usb, camera, mobile data, GPS, etc on all or group of devices.

Disable Hardware Buttons

Restrict capturing screenshots, increasing or decreasing volume, or disable the functionality of the external buttons.

Customize Branding

Change the logo, wallpaper, customize the devices by resonating with your brand.

Display Settings

Control the brightness and layout of the screen, lock devices in landscape or normal mode.

Disable Notification Bar

Eliminate distractions or unwanted notifications while you configure devices for dedicated purposes.

Restrict Access

Provide access to applications, websites, and settings that you approve from Tracci’s dashboard.

Streamline Your Android Fleet

Effortlessly Enforce Android Single App Mode

Transform your Android tablet and smartphones in single app mode, restrict device users from accessing anything else than what the admin approves.

Android in One App mode

Explore Our Solution, Do More with Tracci Device Management Solution

Monitor multiple devices in single app mode, create device profiles (blueprints) with only one applications. Deploy the blueprint over group of devices.

Improve Productivity

Eliminate Downtime

Android single app mode is a feature that allows you to restrict a device to run only a single application, effectively locking it down to a specific use case or functionality.

The application that you choose to run in single app mode, runs always on the device, even after the device is switched on. Administrators can enforce various other restrictions to secure devices in single app mode with Tracci device management solution.

Only admin can set the passcode to exit single app mode, so until the device user knows it; exiting single app mode is not possible with Tracci.

Yes, when the admin creates Blueprint by configuring single app mode, it can be applied on all the devices under the specific Blueprint instantly


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