Enforce Browser in Lockdown Mode

Lockdown Browser in Single or Multi App Mode

Configure devices for secure browsing experience with Tracci, ensure device security and configure policies that help you streamline devices remotely.

kiosk browser lockdown
Enforce Dedicated Mode

How to Setup Kiosk Browser Lockdown Mode


Select Browser


Choose Single or Multi App Mode


Configure Security Settings


Deploy Settings Instantly

Do More in Kiosk Browser Lockdown Mode

Configure, Control, and Manage Devices in Dedicated Mode

Configure Geofencing

Set geofencing, get alerts when a device is in or out from the location that’s defined. Know real-time location of devices as well.

Bulk Device Onboarding

Enroll devices in bulk with preconfigured blueprints consisting of a set of policies and restrictions.

Enhance Browser Security

Enforce only SSL certified websites, restrict users from accessing vulnerable websites or downloading files.

Customize User Experience

Choose logo, wallpaper, customize user facing messages, improve user experience with Tracci MDM.

Access Control

Limit or restrict access to other applications, media files, or system apps. Utilize devices strictly for browsing or accessing approved applications.

Whitelist Websites

Provide access to only selected websites, pin websites as web apps, access whitelisted websites from a single tap.

User Friendly Interface

Intuitive Controls and Straightforward Setup

Tracci empowers administrators to easily set up devices in kiosk browser lockdown mode, eliminating manual efforts from our web-based solution.

intuitive kiosk browser lockdown
manage multiple android devices

Deploy Configurations Over the Air!

Lockdown Browser and Manage Multiple Devices

With Tracci administrators can do more than just deploying devices in kiosk browser lockdown mode, admins can manage multiple devices, ensure uniformed functionality on all devices with device security.

Leverage Browser Lockdown with Tracci MDM Solution

Setup devices in kiosk mode, configure browser to function the way you want.

Hide Notification Bar

Enable full screen mode, have no distractions by disabling notification bar.

Disable Buttons

Disable or control volume and power buttons, choose access to navigation buttons as well.

Configure Peripheral Settings

Disable camera/Bluetooth, secure WiFi, disable mobile data sharing, and more!

In-Depth Browser Settings

Enable/disable autofill data, password manager, pop-ups, accessing search engines, download or upload content.

Location Settings

Know the device's location with detailed information on its latitude and longitude, get alert on location updates.

Real-Time Data

Monitor device health, know the battery status, available and occupied memory details.

Implement Kiosk Browser Lockdown for Any Use Case

Tracci empowers IT administrators to manage devices in browser lockdown mode effortlessly, regardless of any use case.

stand alone kiosk browser

Stand Alone Kiosk

Place tablets as stand alone kiosks, can be used as public facing kiosks.

Dedicated Mode

Useful when the devices are used for work purposes, ensuring secure browsing while leveraging mobility.

corporate owned devices

Corporate Devices

Address secure browsing experience on corporate owned and personal devices used for work.

educational devices browser mode

Educational Purposes

Make sure students access the right content 24/7, pin whitelisted websites for quick access.

Android Kiosk Browser Lockdown Solution

Compatible with Any Android Devices, One Solution to Manage Fleet of Devices

Transform devices securely with Tracci, implement multi or single app mode, choose the browser you wish to lockdown in kiosk mode.

Improve Productivity

Eliminate Downtime

Absolutely. Tracci offers customization options, allowing you to personalize the interface with your brand colors, logo, and messaging.

Yes, administrators can make changes, update content, and monitor kiosk activity from anywhere with an internet connection.

Simply reach out to us to schedule a product demo. Our team will assess your requirements, recommend the best solution for your needs, and guide you through the implementation process.

Yes, we provide technical support to assist with installation, configuration, and ensuring a smooth flow of services 24/7.


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