SaaS Reseller Program

Resell Our Solutions and Services From Anywhere to Anyone!

Unlock the potential for recurring revenue with our Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solution. Join our SaaS reseller program and embark on a journey toward success while empowering businesses to manage devices efficiently and securely.

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Why Partner With Us

You have the right audience and we have best-in-class products and features that your audience would like. Let’s invade the market together!

Attractive Incentives

Gain attractive incentives, get paid for bulk orders, we provide commissions that are rare in the market.

Partner Resources

Have access to our resources, get design, content, and all other details ready from us.

Strategy & Planning

We’ll train you on our product, co-create business strategy, and plan that suits you to get ready and start selling.

SaaS Affiliate Program

Be An Affiliate or A Reseller, When You’ve Got Limitless Options

Don’t limit when you’re working with us when you can choose to be a reseller or our affiliate partner!


Promote our solutions and services the way you want, and be involved in the strategy that would bring better results for your work.

In-Depth Analysis

Get involved in every stage of your work with us, and know what happens to the lead you get and the journey till they are our customer.

Easy Money

Make money for every sale that you make, plus an incentive for every potential lead. With us, you’d always want more; be it "to work with" and "money"!

White Label Our SaaS Product

Rebrand our solutions and features effortlessly, enhance your business while you leave all the technical dependencies on us!


Put your own branding, we’ve got simple steps that empower you to rebrand our solutions.


Set the pricing that you like, once you’ve got our white label product; it’s all yours!


Resell with profit, our white label solutions have always made our partners grow.

SaaS Affiliate & Reseller Programs

Solutions That You’re Going to Enjoy Working With

Join our efforts in making our solutions more intuitive and outstanding!

Mobile Device Management
Our MDM Solution empowers enterprises to manage, secure, and streamline devices remotely.
Kiosk Lockdown Solution
Enforce smartphones and tablets in multi or single app mode, have more control on devices and secure them from threats.
Browser Lockdown Solution
Configure browser settings, whitelist websites, publish policies to enhance browsing experience.

SaaS Reseller Program

Become A Reseller, Join Our Affiliate Program, Or Select Our White Label SaaS Program

Get in touch with our product experts, understand all our plans and procedures that can simplify your strategy.

Join Our SaaS Affiliate Program

Multiple Options to Promote, Make Money and Enhance Professional Relationship

Great commissions, value added services, 24/7 support and assistance, we’ve got it all covered when you work for us!

Improve Productivity

Eliminate Downtime

A SaaS reseller program allows individuals or businesses to resell software as a service (SaaS) products to their own customers, typically earning a commission or margin on sales.

As a reseller, you'll partner with us to market and sell our SaaS products under your brand. You'll earn a commission for each sale generated through your efforts.

By joining our program, you gain access to high-quality SaaS products without the hassle of developing them yourself. You can leverage our brand reputation and support infrastructure while earning recurring revenue from sales.

A SaaS affiliate program allows individuals or businesses to earn commissions by promoting and referring customers to a SaaS company's products or services through unique affiliate links.

As an affiliate, you can monetize your audience by recommending our SaaS products. You'll earn commissions for every qualified sale made through your affiliate links, with the potential for passive income.

A white label MDM SaaS solution allows businesses to rebrand and resell our mobile device management software under their own brand name, without having to develop the software themselves.

By white labeling our MDM SaaS solution, you can offer a comprehensive mobile device management solution to your clients under your own brand, enhancing your product portfolio and increasing customer loyalty.


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