Streamline Corporate Owned Personal Devices with Tracci MDM

Manage COPE devices from our web-based solution, onboard devices with policies that you choose, deploy applications and enforce restrictions that help users to utilize devices for dedicated purposes.

Why COPE Devices Need MDM Solution

COPE devices are utilized by employees for work purposes, make sure you provide the right tools and improve device utility by tweaking policies and enforcing security from our solution.

Device Provisioning

Streamline complete device management capabilities, right from bulk enrollment to ensuring devices are utilized for intended purposes.

Security Management

Tracci empowers organizations to enforce security policies, such as device encryption, passcode requirements, and app whitelisting/blacklisting, to protect sensitive corporate data from unauthorized access or breaches.

Data Protection

Tracci provides features like remote wipe, encryption, and containerization, ensuring that corporate data remains separate and secure from personal data.

Application Management

Enables administrators to manage and distribute applications remotely, enforce policies on app usage, and ensure that only approved applications are installed on corporate devices.

Device Configurations and Updates

Manage fleet of COPE devices from a single web-console. Simplify onboarding, device configurations, automate OS and App updates.

Device Security

Ensure device security by leveraging dedicated mode, or disabling USB/Bluetooth access, restrict resetting the device, and allow only authorized access.

Manage COPE Devices from Web

Leverage Company Owned Devices and Enhance Productivity

Enroll COPE devices, deploy policies over the air, test various features that help you manage devices effortlessly.

COPE MDM Solution

Remote Management Solution for COPE Devices

Manage COPE devices regardless of its location, create groups, blueprints for policies, and deploy them over the air.

Improve Productivity

Eliminate Downtime

Tracci is specifically tailored to manage corporate-owned devices that are also used for personal activities. Unlike traditional MDM solutions, our solution offers a unique set of features to address the challenges of managing devices in hybrid environments.

Tracci MDM offers a range of security measures, including encryption, passcode enforcement, remote wipe capabilities, app whitelisting/blacklisting, and containerization. These features help safeguard corporate data from unauthorized access, breaches, or loss in the event of device theft or misuse.

Tracci empowers administrators to configure devices with policies to separate personal and corporate data, ensuring that sensitive corporate information remains secure while respecting employee privacy. However, administrators can also leverage strict policies that enforces only approved applications and resources on COPE devices, restricting users to access anything else than what’s approved.

Tracci MDM is scalable and can be customized to fit the needs of businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. Whether you have a handful of devices or a large fleet, Tracci provides flexibility and control you need to manage your mobile workforce effectively.


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